Strategy Has Feelings Too...

This pithy observation about the history of Pixar has been doing the social media rounds lately, after having been originally posted on Buzzfeed. It’s a bit of fun, and it provides an insight to the business that you mightn’t have thought of before.  It made me smile for a moment, because it’s kinda true. 

But then again, it’s also kinda cynical.

Why? Because in my view it overlooks the value of great strategy.

What it really illuminates is that Pixar long ago developed a strategy that truly connects with its audience, a strategy that stands the test of time, a strategy that makes developing ongoing and outstanding creative executions possible. In my view, that should be applauded, not pilloried. I’m sure no one at Pixar will lose sleep over it; they’re too busy working on Finding Dory and counting their Academy Awards.

But in the unlikely event this meme leaves them looking over their shoulders, I’m sure they would find a few marketing practitioners who would back their rigid adhesion to a compelling strategy. 


Nic HarmanComment