Why "Love To's" Are Better Than "How To's"

Everyone’s working day has pain points. New technologies. Old processes. Budget constraints. Your customers and clients are no different, so creating content that alleviates their problems or simply lightens their day will drive engagement and build trust.

Marketers know this; hence the vast number of videos, ebooks and infographics published every day. Their value seems inexhaustible and the audience appetite for them insatiable. But, are they now somewhat expected by your audience? Does the purchaser of your product or service almost expect a cheat sheet?

Possibly here is where an opportunity lies.

What if we looked beyond the ‘How To’ and created more “Love To’s”? That is, content that people want to interact with for the sheer enjoyment factor, regardless of the practical benefits?

Love To’s tap into what’s really important to your audience, and quite often solve a problem that they didn’t even realise they had. (Who knew I had to soak my BBQ grates in coffee? Lowes did.) 

Love To’s are often entertaining, such as the series of Air New Zealand safety videos. They delight through their generosity, and they are delivered in a fresh, unexpected way. Intelligentisia’s brewing guides bring a design ethic to various coffee making tasks, and Prudential is having some fun helping procrastinators with their finances.

Careful crafting makes Love To’s irresistible: this kind of content doesn’t just invite audience engagement, it insists on it. Airbnb’s print magazine is so gorgeous they are charging 12 bucks for it, and Penny Skateboards provide an enticing guide to the best places to go longboarding.

On a smaller scale, in a previous role we created a vinyl album featuring underground bands that hadn’t yet hit the big time. The aim was to help advertisers find a hot new track for their next campaign, with us doing the legwork. It was entirely free, and even if they didn’t find a suitable track, they had some cool vinyl on their hands and they got to listen to some great music. It had people coming back for more. 

5 Steps To Creating A “Love To”

·      think deeply about what your audience’s pain points are
·      be generous with your IP
·      have a unique take on the issue
·      deliver the solution in a fresh, unexpected way
·      craft the content with passion at every touchpoint

Traditional “How To’s” shouldn’t be discarded, of course. The process of solving other people’s problems is actually all about solving your own, and you’ll amplify the success of the rest of your marketing efforts in the process.

It’s just that Love To’s just go that extra step further in creating strong brand affinity. 

Nic HarmanComment