TheJuice: When singing shrimps and Kale dogs make sense

As viewers, most of us love it when something different lights up our screens, cuts through the banal, and rewards us for our attention with a sweet little kiss to the forehead. 

Campaigns and content that connect through their sheer irreverence are often seen as risky. However, taking a risk in your comms isn’t always really a risk at all, especially when your brand has a little irreverence and iconoclasm at its core.

In advertising, it’s often seen as a leap too far. In content, it falls into the bucket of Emotional Entertainment that can be neglected somewhat in favour of Category content and Thought Leadership. And yet, something that’s a little silly is often what audiences are looking for.

In their first real mainstream integrated campaign, MailChimp has embraced the nonsensical and created a campaign filled with dream-like stories and surreal characters.

The campaign – via Droga5 – is titled “Did You Mean…” and it plays on the idea of getting the MailChimp name wrong (in a Suri manner) and coming up with ridiculous alternatives.

It features three short films of equal irreverence and absurdity. There’s “KaleLimp” (with a dog made of kale), “Mailshrimp” (a mailboy eating a singing shrimp sandwich), and “JailBlimp” (a piñata blimp filled with jail breaking prisoners).

They’re worth a watch.  

Nic HarmanComment