SNYPTT: 2017 Cannes Marketer of The Year

In our industry, there are a lot of ways in which the best are measured. There’s the effectiveness awards, creative awards, marketing excellence awards, planning awards, not to forget awards for direct, pr, packaging, social etc etc.

But surely the biggest prize must be the Cannes Marketer of the year. This award comes from arguably the most prestigious name in the awards game, and is awarded to the marketer that best “embraces and encourages creativity across their brand communications and for the inspiring global marketing of their products”.

Burger King is the 2017 Cannes Marketer of the year. The BK marketing team is consistently committed to the creative product, developing campaigns that are courageous and innovative. Better than that, they also achieve significant business results.

As Axel Schwan, Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King, said:

“Creativity is a critical factor when it comes to helping us stand out from the pack and punch higher than our weight. This principle is applied to everything we do, from the way we differentiate ourselves by flame-grilling our burgers to the ground-breaking advertising campaigns we create”.

Nic HarmanComment