Is ‘Brandtent’ a thing?

A question that often comes up in content marketing is how much of your ‘brand’ should be in your content? The answer to the question is a question itself – and that is, are you creating content, or sales collateral?

If you’re creating content that’s true to the definition of content marketing, then your content focus should be more on providing what’s most relevant and most valuable to your audience, and less about your sales pitch.

If you’re creating sales collateral, then the brand will feature more prominently, as will the product attributes, possibly even the sales teams or experts.

Either approach is fine, but they are different. Content is about building audiences; sales is about your product’s features and benefits.

Somewhere in between might exist ‘Brandtent’ (for want of a better name), which is a hybrid of the two.

Brandtent is usually the result of an honest desire to create content and follow the content model, tempered by the reality of a budget that limits the ability to stay true to the content ideal.

Does Brandtent work? It can, but it’s not as effective as creating content and sales separately, and doing them well. Ultimately, the degree to which your brand appears in your content depends on your goals, your budget and content calendar, and how you’re going to use the content.

Nic HarmanComment