SNYPTT: Keeping it uncomplicated

The pressure on marcomms professionals is greater than ever. Case in point: the relentless tsunami of innovations, platforms, tech and trends we’re expected to keep up with.

Careers have been made and fortunes earned by those that are best at dancing on the innovation stage, and the promise of competitive advantage is always going to draw an audience.

And so it should.

Finding new and better ways to connect with your audience is essential to survival. But in the race to be heard across all platforms, many brands and businesses are forgetting their audience. Messages are becoming complicated, confused and schizophrenic. And what ever happened to the simple organising idea?

Truth is, in the face of the aforementioned avalanche of innovation, marketing and advertising basics are as powerful as ever. Find a human truth. Deliver it in an unexpected way. Craft the execution. Stay on brand.

Buzz-words come and go. Tech evolves. But people are people, and your customer will always respond to a creative, poignant and relevant message that moves them.

In the spirit of keeping things uncomplicated, here's a new spot from McCafe via Leo Burnett London that pokes fun at the overly wanky world of hipster cafes. You may not like their coffee, but you might like their approach.

Nic HarmanComment