Emotional vs Rational – a case for both?

Everyone knows about Samsung’s recent problems with its Galaxy S7, and the immense damage it has done to the brand.

In response, one of the brand’s first reactions was to create a TV ad showing their researchers and engineers working overtime to test everything, hoping that we would all be re-assured of their commitment to quality. It wasn’t exactly riveting viewing, but it was a necessary part of the healing process.  

Now that’s done, it’s back to the emotional selling. Back to the storytelling.

Samsung needed to produce a campaign that got people liking their brand on a visceral level, and persuaded them to overlook the brand’s current shortcomings. Cue an inquisitive ostrich and an absorbing encounter with an errant VR headset.

Both the rational and emotional campaigns were needed. But it’s the ostrich – and her achievements – that people will fall in love with.

Nic HarmanComment