Hot and Saucy – Content Gets Romantic

Often it’s questioned how far a brand can go with content, and the answer is: as far as you’re willing.

In the consideration phase of the customer buying journey, there’s plenty of room for fun, engaging content that’s designed to do little more than build brand affinity. It could be an entertaining video; a quirky article; a podcast about not much at all; possibly a game that keeps the thumbs busy.

Or, if you’re KFC, it could be a romantic novel titled ‘Tender Wings of Desire’ featuring a fictitious Colonel Sanders in a Fabio style role.

Set in Victorian England, it’s all written quite seriously, and doesn’t feature the obvious product plugs you might expect (except, perhaps, in the title). In a nutshell, the story revolves around a bored, encumbered heroine who meets a far more interesting and manly suitor in the form of the muscle bound Colonel, and things go from there. 

To some, it might appear to be the fanciful whim of a tortured copywriter-although it was ghost written by a professional novelist - but, on another level, it’s a clever play in the pop culture realm that will most likely temporarily boost the stocks of KFC in the mainstream consideration set.

It’s free to download on, if you wish.


Nic HarmanComment