Purpose - Applying It Personally

I’m interested in anything about brand purpose, or anything related to the subject really, which is why I recently tapped on an Action Catalyst podcast about life purpose.

For a minute there I thought I had accidently tapped on a religious fanatic’s sermon: it was all a bit self-affirmational and celebratory, but I persisted, and found that it did, in the end, have a strong core message.

Basically, it proposed that creating your own defined core purpose helped to improve personal or business clarity, productivity and happiness, and it would work to eliminate noise and reduce stress.

That all sounded interesting, so I gave it a go. It took a degree of soul searching and a bit of internal wrangling, but I got to a place I was quite happy with in the end. So, here’s my newly minted life purpose:

“To bring simplicity, calm and creativity to people’s lives”

To my family, that means helping them navigate life’s journey and helping to equip them with resilience, patience and an inquiring, artistic mind. To my clients, it means unravelling the often unnecessarily complex world of content and creative, and delivering an insightful, imaginative, experienced and measured approach to the business. (Value, agility and flexibility are key aspects of my offer, but they’re not the purpose).

It’s been quite a surprise how energising having this new purpose statement locked down has been. It’s provided renewed clarity, energy and a sense of ease when things happen that outside of my control or purpose.

I recommend the exercise. 

Nic HarmanComment