Customer centric content

While working with two clients last week on their brand stories, I was reminded how important it is to genuinely understand your audience.

As we worked through our Storybee planning framework, in the process of developing their Sticky Story and editorial plans, on both occasions the conversation really got meaty when it came to developing the customer personas.  

When we started to look at the customer’s goals, values, challenges, needs gaps and burning questions, it was obvious to all how much this detail would shape the content to come. It also highlighted the importance of knowing whom you’re talking to, and what their world is really like. After all, half the battle is writing content that tells your story, but also interests or indeed engages people.   

A good example of knowing your audience is a fresh campaign out of Colenso BBDO Auckland for Anchor milk.

Their audience was teenagers who can detect an ad a mile away. The agency created three video poems written about milk that were meant to surprise people when they realised it was also an ad, and to inspire teenagers to be themselves and create their own definition of strength.

You can find out more about the campaign on Metalfest.

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