We pride ourselves on taking a big picture view of content and marketing, to get the best results for your brand’s wellbeing. We have in-house experts to drive campaigns, content and digital to ensure your brand is happy and healthy.

Our team of senior experts have years of experience in advertising and marketing campaigns, and they work with you directly. We don’t have layers and bureaucracy, so we can concentrate on delivering our work to the best quality and quickly. It’s one of the things our clients love most about us.

Agility is in our DNA, because we believe your business needs a nimble partner who can make things happen fast. We’re up for every challenge, but we pride ourselves on bringing a calm, creative and intelligent mindset to all projects.




Serotonin brings creative thinking and a strategic mind to the world of content.

Our unique Storybee content strategy framework helps us to deliver big, seamless, integrated ideas driven by a strong organising thought. From brand purpose to audience personas, from channel planning to creative execution, Storybee ensures your brand gets the most out of content and maximises your investment.

Creating brand stories is what we do best, and we get to the heart of the matter and create content that takes your audience on a journey, no matter the channel or deliverable. 

We think of content as being a value exchange for the customer. We work hard to provide them with a rich experience as a reward for their attention.Every customer touchpoint needs to align with your purpose, your strategy and your objectives. We work with you to ensure we’re always achieving these goals.

Examples of our content specialities are:

Strategic planning // Videos // Web copy // Social Media // Articles // Infographics // Magazines // Podcasts // UGC // White Papers



We can mould your digital strategy from start to finish. We love helping to transform your brand’s digital offering to optimise the process for your customers. While we prefer to take a holistic approach to digital, we understand sometimes you’ll just need some help with certain channels, and we’re happy to help with that too. 

Our expertise extends to the creation, implementation and evaluation of:

  • Social Media

  • Content

  • Email

  • Paid Media (Acquisition and Retargeting)

  • Website Projects

  • Reporting  

Serotonin Creative works with each client to determine the best set of objectives and measurement for each project or campaign. We value transparency and won’t ever try to bamboozle you with technical jargon. We keep it simple because we’re focused on results.



From concept right through to production, Serotonin can handle all of your creative campaign needs. We bring a playful approach to creativity that rewards audiences and ensures engagement and memorability.

  • TVC

  • Print

  • Radio

  • Photography

  • Digital

  • Retail Brochures

  • DM

  • Social Media

Ready to make your brand happy and healthy?

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